Are you taking care of your leather product correctly?

If you are investing in a real leather piece, consider it an investment! So you have to take care of your investment!

Leather Products reach you after the giant processing of various skilled humans, so you should be treating it in the right way possible. Not exactly babysitting but you have to care routine as you follow for yours!

Your top 3 steps should be Dirt Cleaning, Conditioning, Finishing, and Storing and you’re good to go!

Here are some of the tips you might need if you own a leather product!

Supplies You Need:


  • A Slightly Damp Cloth
  • Leather Conditioner
  • Leather Balm (Wax)

How to Clean your Leather Product

Make sure that your hands are clean while cleaning the leather product you own since leather can absorb the oils.

You have to wipe off the dirt every now and then using a marginally damp cloth, making sure that cloth is not very wet since leather takes time to dry.

How to Condition your Leather Product

Conditioning is done to moisturize the leather. You have to be concerned that your leather product is conditioned before it dries out completely.

To avoid any wrinkles on the animal skin, you can take a cloth; apply the leather conditioner to it in circular motions.

It’s recommended to apply the conditioner on the leather products, every 15-20 days.

How to finish off the Cleaning

To finish off, apply a good waxed based leather balm to maintain the shine and newness of the product and store it in a safe place, and if possible put the pack of silica gel to avoid the dampness.

It’s also recommended to let your leather piece be in the air every 15-20 days to avoid any molding.

Extra Tips and Cautions

  • Don’t let your leather product dry out completely, as it will not be repairable then.
  • Avoid any cleaning products that have alcohol in it, since it destroys the natural color and aging process.
  • Never let your leather be absorbed in water, if it gets wet, give it it’s time to air dry and not to dry it by any dryer.
  • If you want your leather product to last you forever, make sure to follow a good and recommended care routine.


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