Partner with the brand you love! Earn up to 25% when you promote Waji's Products through Waji's Affiliate Program. Itโ€™s always on & open to all so you can ease into content creation anytime, whether youโ€™re an influencer, blogger or affiliate or you have a blog site.

  • Commission is paid for all approved sales, which are tallied at the end of the month. Note: All marketing activities must be conducted in adherence to the Advertiserโ€™s terms and conditions.

  • This works by you taking a chance to promote our articles using unique links or codes. When customers make purchases through these links, you can earn commissions. It's a collaborative model where we both benefit.




Waji's, the distinguished leather accessories brand, is excited to introduce its affiliate program. By partnering with passionate individuals who share a love for fine leather craftsmanship, Waji's aims to expand its reach and connect with a broader audience. Through this program, affiliates have the opportunity to earn commissions by promoting Waji's premium leather accessories, while also contributing to the brand's growth and success. With Waji's commitment to exceptional quality and timeless designs, affiliates can confidently promote products that resonate with fashion-conscious individuals seeking sophisticated and stylish leather accessories. Join Waji's affiliate program today and embark on a rewarding journey of collaboration, style, and financial success.

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    SIGN UP EASILY | Get into the details with our application. Itโ€™s quick & free.

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    INSPIRE YOUR AUDIENCE | Share content of Waji's Products, deals, promos & bring the traffic to website.

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    Encourage them to purchase our accessories from your shared links

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    Once they make purchase with your links and their orders get paid, commissions are updated in your portal and get paid to you every month.


Waji's Affiliate Program

  • Diversify Revenue Streams

    Joining an affiliate program offers individuals the opportunity to earn additional income without the need to create their own products or services.


  • Flexibility and Freedom

    You can choose the products you want to promote based on interests and preferences of your audience. You can promote the products through blogs, social media, emails etc.



Arsalan Ali

I canโ€™t express how pleased I am with Wajiโ€™s affiliate program. Not only do I get to promote exquisite leather accessories, but I also get rewarded generously for my efforts.

Leena Shah

Being a Wajiโ€™s affiliate has allowed me to turn my passion for fashion and leather accessories into real profits. If you're passionate about style and want to earn while doing what you love, Wajiโ€™s affiliate program is the way to go!

Furrukh Ch.

I am an old customer of Waji's and truly admire them, when I heard about this program I had to join in and It truly is a game changer as It helps me have a side Income which I love spending just on me!


It's not just about the money; it's about promoting quality and style. Proud to be a part of this amazing affiliate community!


The seamless integration, stunning product range, and timely payouts make this program a dream come true for affiliates.


The beautiful leather accessories resonate with my audience, and the earnings are beyond impressive If you happen to show good results.

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Most common questions

Frequently asked questions

  • How this program works?

    When you apply for the program and are accepted as an affiliate of Waji's, you may place links that include Waji's products via banners, widgets, text links and other tools or creatives on your website or blog or social handle. When your visitors click through to the Waji's website via the link, that visitor is tracked within a 3 days cookie window until they place an order. When an order is placed by such a visitor, the order is associated with your website as the referring source and your affiliate account is credited a commission for the order. So the more visitors you refer to Waji's and the more of those visitors who convert into Target customers, the more you get paid. What's more? With our commission structure, unlike many other websites, you get paid each time that customer places an order within 10 days of clicking on your affiliate link, not just the first time!

  • Who can join this Program?

    Any website owner, blogger or influencer that runs a family-friendly website and has mainly Pakistani based viewership is eligible to join the Waji's Affiliate Program, subject to the programโ€™s terms and conditions.

  • What is a cookie and duration for this program?

    A cookie is a small piece of data that is transferred to a computer in order to mark it for a later transaction. Affiliate Programs use cookies to track customers who have clicked on links from your site, blog or social media and made purchases so you can get your commission. The cookie length is 3 days. You get credit for any order within 3 days of the original click placed by the customer.


Affiliate programs are the modern-day alliance of mutual growth, where businesses and individuals join forces, unleashing the power of collaboration to reach new heights of success.