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Return & Exchange Policy

  • Will I get a money return if I don't like the product?

    We make sure to depict the right product while making an online sale. We recommend you to purchase after looking into all specs and color of the product since we don't promise any money returns.

  • What is our exchange policy?

    For any personal reason if you want to exchange the product, you can by bearing the delivery charges yourself or If you happen to find out any defects we make sure to accommodate you with an exchange of product free of delivery cost.

  • Return/Exchange for Pre-order made or personalized products?

    There won't be any exchange or return for pre-order or personalized products, since in such a case, before finalizing the order, our designer or POC contacts you for all of your needs in the product(s) over a phone call or meet up (Islamabad) so a product would be designed and manufactured as per your communication. But in case of any defects, things can be accommodated.