Buying a Leather Product? Wait! Look at it's types first!

Before you buy any leather products, you should go through the types of leather to ease your decision and make your buy an investment!

Let’s have a look at them!

Faux / Synthetic / Artificial Leather: 

Commonly sold by calling it leather, Faux is not original leather while it’s made from different materials i.e not made from animal hide and made it look like leather. It doesn’t last you even a year. To differentiate, 

  • Firstly, It doesn’t smell like leather!
  • Secondly, It has a perfect grainy pattern.
  • Thirdly, It doesn’t develop the same luster and patina over time as leather!

Bonded Leather: 

Bonded Leather is made from leftover leather scrap and fibers mixed with polyurethane binders and rolled as leather onto a paper backing. It gets torn easily and is not repairable. 

Genuine Leather:

Genuine Leather doesn’t mean that a product is made of high-quality leather, it means that it’s the lowest quality of leather. To define it better, you can call it:

“At least, the product is made of genuine leather”

It doesn’t last as long as high-quality leather and is usually used in products available in low priced range shops and stores.

Top Grain Leather:

Top Grain leather is middle-grade quality leather; it is mostly used in small leather products. It is made by breaking full-grain leather and by sanding off any imperfection from it and placing a fake grain on it.

Vegetable Tan Leather:

It’s not just the leather type but it’s the process with which the animal hide was preserved when the animal was slaughtered till the time, the hide is made into usable leather. Although there are many ways to preserve and process the cowhide, vegetable tanning is the only all-natural way. This process lets the leather age in the most beautiful way amongst the rest. This type of leather gets rich in color and gets a beautiful patina with use. It’s the most expensive to buy!

At Waji's, we only offer Full-grain & Vegetable Tan Leather for any leather good either personalized or go-to product. Take a look at our work!

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